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I was born in Homs in 1965

I graduated from Al-Baath University in 1987 and then joined the military service where I worked as a site engineer at Al-Swaqa Military School in Dimas - Damascus (Certificate View)

Near the ending of 1987, I worked as a site engineer for the ministry of local administration until 1993

I established my own office for structural design, projects supervision and project execution in 1994

I have implemented many projects in Homs such as:

  • Droubi Center project, Dablan Main Street
  • Abdul Azim Tower project, Al Malaba Street 
  • Al-Riyadiyyen Tower project, Al-Waer
  • Villa of Professor Manaf Ayyash, Dahyet Al-Assad - Al-Sham Road
  • Al Yasmin Garden (formerly Dablan) For Mr. Al-Murtada Al-Dandashi 
  • Ghouta Main Street for the Homs municipality 
  • Zaki Al-Arsuzi Street for the Homs town council 
  • Ahmad Shawqi Street for the Homs town council 
  • The ring street around the historic Homs Citadel for the Homs town council
  • Al-Droubi mosque Minaret and Squarefor Dr. Muhammad Suhail Al-Droubi 
  • The new Mercia Park and Restaurant, Tripoli Road for Mr. Mohamed Abara
  • AL-Amin school project in Al-Waer for Dr. Amin Halawani
  • the Expansion of AL-Amin specialist Hospital, constructed for Dr. Amin Halawani
  • Al-Amin Residential Tower, constructions for Dr. Amin Halawani

I studied and audited dozens of projects, towers, and 21 factories for different products in Hassia Industrial City

I obtained the Ministry of Justice accreditation as a sworn judicial engineer in 2003

and obtained the degree of a consultant engineer for engineering studies (Certificate View) in 2007, which is the highest degree of studies in the Syndicate of Syrian Engineers

I got a structural engineer degree as an auditor from the Syndicate of Engineers in 2007 and worked as a chief structural auditor in the Syrian Engineers Syndicate from 2007 until mid-2012.

After the unfortunate events that Syria was subjected to in the year 2011, I traveled to work in Saudi Arabia and, as soon as I arrived in June of 2012, started working for the United Constructors Contracting Company Limited. (UCCL), one of the important and distinguished companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based in Jeddah (Certificate View). I worked there for six and a half years as follows:

  • Project site manager of the National Guard Housing Project site, Taif, which is a residential suburb of 700 soldiers and 50 villas for officers with the full infrastructure of streets, sidewalks, water networks, sewage, rain, electricity, lighting, and a telephone in addition of a treatment plant and evaporative lakes with an area of ​​one million square meters from 6/2012 till 9/2012 
  • Project manager of the National Guard Housing Project from 9/2012 until 3/2016
  • Project manager of the Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza Hotel, Azizia, Makkah, which is the largest Holiday Inn hotel in the Middle East With; 1260 rooms and suits from 9/2015 untill 6/2016 in addition to my work as a project manager for the National Guard 
  • Project manager of the Munira Al Sheikh Mosque project, presented by His Royal Highness Khalid bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, Taif from 06/2016 Until 06/2017 
  • Project manager, Hilton Garden Inn, Hamad Al Jasser Street, Jeddah from 9/2017 until 11/2017
  • Project manager for themain gate and cinema complex in the Red Sea Mall, King Street, Jeddah from 11/2017 until 12/2018 

From 6/2019 to 6/2020, I worked for Pan Kingdom Real Estate as a construction manager for hotel projects in the central region of AL-Madinah (Certificate View)

I can professionally use most engineering programs such as:  Autocad, P6 Primavera, Safe, Etabs, Revit, Robot, CSI Col.

For more details, see my CV

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